[Ultra DVR] Using Ultra Extreme Matrix

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[Ultra DVR] Using Ultra Extreme Matrix

Postby dukin5@avssys.net » Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:49 pm

Ultra Extreme models have a spot-out port and you can display programmable channel divisions.
The programmable channel divisions are accepted in the capture card. You cannot mix the channels in different capture card port.
Ultra Ext_Mtx Setup4.jpg

* 16channel model : Yellow connector on octopus cable is the spot-out.
- Each cable has a spot-out port and it will be displayed under "Video Out Port" in Mtx setup section.
- You cannot duplicate the channel for each spot-out
ex.) Spot-out1 : ch1~4 Spot-out2 : ch5~ch8 : good
Spot-out1 : ch1~8 Spot-out2 : ch9~ch12 : good
Spot-out1 : ch1~4 Spot-out2 : ch1~ch4 : No video for both.
Spot-out1 : ch1~16 Spot-out2 : ch1~ch4 : No video for both.

* 8channel model : VGA connecter is the spot-out. You have to pick "VGA" in the "Video Out Standard"
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